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5.12 Can I pay for foreign currency by bank transfer?

You can pay using your mobile banking app, creating a real-time, totally secure and verifiable bank transfer using open banking technologies supported by all the major banks. You can also pay by debit card.

We do not accept payments via direct bank transfer (BACS, CHAPS, SWIFT or Faster Payments).

How does Pay by bank work?

Our Pay by Bank solution is provided by RoqqettPay, part of the Equals Group family of financial payment services. It uses open banking technology supported by all of the major banks to send our settlement details to your mobile banking app, so you can authorise a direct payment to us by bank transfer. You get instant verification of the payment, and your mobile banking app is automatically launched on your mobile device by the RoqqettPay helper. We never see or receive your bank details - just verification of your payment once authorised in your mobile banking app.

Can I Pay by Bank without a mobile banking app?

Yes, you can choose to sign in to your online banking via a web browser, and authorise the payment that way. It does exactly the same as verifying the payment in the mobile banking app.

What if I need a refund - you don't have my bank details!

That's right, so in the unlikely event that we need to make a partial or full refund of a payment you made to us via Pay by Bank, we will need to request your bank details in order to transfer the payment.

Updated on: 21/09/2023

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