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9.01 Currency converter

Articles on: Clever currency toolkit

No more guessing what something costs when you're abroad. With our Currency Converter you get a personalised valuation of some of the main currency multiples, plus the option to work out a specific value. No guesswork is necessary - we'll use the exchange rate in your most recent order so you get an exact figure in pounds and pence. We'll also remember your last order so you don't need to login again to see these values - perfect if you don't want to enable roaming or have no signal. You'll get this screen every time you open the mobile app on the same device.

Bought more than one currency?

We show you the conversion values for one currency at-a-time. Don't worry, if you have more than one currency on your order you can switch between them by tapping the currency flag and choosing from the alternatives.

Want a specific valuation?

Want to know how much that lobster dish or designer handbag is going to cost? Just enter the foreign currency value in the left-hand box at the top of the screen and we'll show the pounds and pence to the right.

Not showing the currencies in your latest order?

We only show the currencies in the last order before you last signed in. If you have bought currency since you last signed in on this device, you will need to sign in again to grab the latest details.

Where will I find the currency converter?

If you are signed in, you will find the currency converter link at the bottom of the home screen next to your latest order, and when looking at an individual order. If you are signed out, you can either use the 'View currency converter' link at the top of the page, or select 'Currency converter' from the menu.

Don't have internet access abroad?

Don't worry - we thought of that! If you sign in to the before you leave the country, we'll store the details of your last order (securely and anonymously of course) on your device. As you don't need to sign in to use the currency converter, that means you can use it without internet access.

Why can't I find the currency converter on your website?

We wrote the currency converter specifically to work with our mobile for smartphones and tablets. It uses some clever offline functionality - so you can use it abroad without an internet connection - that doesn't work very well with desktop web browsers. So you won't find the currency converter on the website - only on the mobile app.

Updated on: 21/04/2023

Updated on: 24/04/2023

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